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“Before I began my treatments with Dr. Wellman, I had pain and stiffness in my neck and pain around my left ear that would move into my head. I also had pain in my lower back and in all of my spinal areas. The pain had been a part of my life for years.

I had gone to a Doctor who gave me shots to help relieve the pain that I was feeling and some pain blockers, but the pain would always return. I had also gone to a different Chiropractor's office and received adjustments, but nothing seemed to help. So I decided to see what hope Dr. Wellman could give me.

Since I made the decision to come to this facility and receive treatment, I have made many improvements. I can move my head with more ease because the pain in my neck has gotten significantly better. Now that I have made such improvements in my neck my daily tasks are much easier to overcome.

The staff here at Wellman Family Healthcare has been very caring. I know that they really do want me to get better so that I can enjoy my life to fullest on a daily basis. I would like to say thank you to Dr. Wellman and her staff for taking such great care of me! Dr. Wellman is my Brunswick GA Chiropractor!”   

-C Rozier

“Before coming to see Dr. Wellman, I suffered from migraines, neck pain, lower back pain, and occasional numbness in my fingers and hands. I had been suffering from this for about 2 years.

To ease the pain I was feeling, I would take a lot of extra strength Excedrin but nothing would ever really help the pain go away. The Excedrin would ease the pain, but now I know that it was just masking the problems that were there. I would have never known that, had I not gone to a health fair at work and met Dr. Wellman.

Since receiving treatment from Dr. Wellman, I can now sleep through the night (which is something I couldn't do before), I can move my neck without feeling any pain, and I have also noticed that I haven't had any more migraines. I have also noticed a difference in my energy level and my allergies.

Dr. Wellman and her staff are excellent!! They have treated me with so much kindness and they are always ready and willing to answer any questions that I may have.

I would definitely, without a shadow of a doubt, recommend Dr. Wellman to anyone who is suffering from the same issues that I am now free from. Thank you so much Dr. Wellman and staff!!!     Dr. Wellman is the best Brunswick, GA Chiropractor! “


“When I first came to Dr. Wellman's office, I had constant back pain and extremely painful menstrual cramps. Both of which I thought were normal because I have had these problems for the past 10 years. To give an example of the pain I felt, just imagine out of no where, someone slaps a vice grip on your stomach and every way you turn or move it hurts worse and there is NO relief. I was literally in a fetal position when this particular time came around.

I tried over the counter, extra strength medications and would even take prescription strength doses, which was probably not the smartest decision I made. Even with all of the medications I took, I was still in excruciating pain. I felt like my options were gone and I was just going to have to just live with the pain.

Then one day, I read one of Dr. Wellman's ads in the paper and thought that coming here just might be the end of my terrible pain. So, I made an appointment to come in and speak with Dr. Wellman to see if there really was a light at the end of the tunnel.  

Now that I have started treatment with Dr. Wellman, my life has changed for the better. When that time comes, I am not stuck on the couch or in the bed suffering from the pain…I am actually LIVING! It's like night and day because I am getting to live my life the way it should be… full, happy, and pain free! My quality of life is so much better thanks to Dr. Wellman.  

Smile! It's contagious!!" must be said each morning at this office because the staff here is always smiling! It doesn't matter how bad my day has been the staff knows just what to do to make someone feel better. It's almost like they are family. I can't remember a time in my life where I liked going to a Doctor's office until I came here. Dr. Wellman treats you like a real person and not just a paycheck. She takes time to explain every detail and she encourages questions unlike other Doctors I have been to. With that said, I would definitely recommend, and I have recommended Dr. Wellman to my friends and family. I have even told complete strangers because I want everyone to benefit from Chiropractic care just as I have. Thank you Dr. Wellman and staff!    I am so thankful she is my Brunswick GA Chirorpactor!”

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